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Renewing a Tired Soul

I took a few days off from making jewelry and well, everything else, to renew my tired soul. It's been a long, hot summer and a long, trying year. During my five day sabbatical over the Labor Day weekend I had a milestone birthday to which my hubs took me to a French bistro downtown for cocktails and dinner (ooh la la, a rare date night), my son came home from college bearing oversized sunflowers, my favorite flower ever, and my best friend of 35 years came in town for the weekend with hard seltzers that we drank on the beach until late afternoon and then drank more as we rehashed college stories until the early hours each night. Needless to say I’m both refreshed and beat at the same time. I feel loved and appreciated and I think we all need a dose of those in times like this. There’s something about a milestone birthday and also fall’s arrival that I seem to happily step out of my stale routine and recharge, and now I'm mentally, physically and spiritually ready to anticipate the fresh, new season.

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